Unable to upload .xlsx files to Assistant API

I’ve been trying to use the Assistant in playground to help me transform some files. However, this week when I try to upload the .xlsx file I get this error:

For what it’s worth, I’m also not having any luck with .xlsx files on ChatGPT using code interpreter. The specific error encountered was an AceInternalException but no further details provided.

I’ve been using files that I know were working last week. These are xlsx files saved from google sheets. Anyone seeing the same issue?


Same here. I also get the same error message. I’ve tested using CSV files and it works, so I’m pretty sure this is not the file problem but something is blocking XLSX file in OpenAI side. Please help to look into this.

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For me, uploading .xlsx files to my own custom GPT models worked, but the same error from above happened while doing it in Assistants.

Did you find any solution to upload XLSX files to the API Assistants ?