Does assistant support csv files?

Although csv file is listed in supported format, OpenAI Platform
I got error “Failed to index file: Unsupported file file-h58JiHmhtRMps5ZGB4vxzhZ0 type: application/csv”


Welcome to the community @yiling.chen

Per the error I get, csv is a supported format:

This is likely a bug you’re encountering just like I did.

Please head to OpenAI Help Center to report it.

I am getting the exact same error while uploading relatively simple .csv files.

Any idea how to fix this? or just wait for them to patch it?

Try saving it as UTF-8 with BOM

Changed the format with notepad++ (was only UTF-8), but gave me the same error :sweat:

Is there a specific link to report a bug? All I can find at OpenAI Help Center are articles (I’m a paying user) and a generic contact form.

BTW, after encountering this error I converted the CSVs to JSONs and ended up with the more general “The file you provided isn’t accessible with the myfiles_browser tool” error mentioned at the following threads:

The intercom contact button at the bottom right should be sufficient to report the error.


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Possible solution: I enabled the “Code Interpreter” tool and then the assistant accepted a CSV for File Retrieval.

So apparently at least some file types require the “Code Interpreter” for retrieval.

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your solution works! After adding “code interpreter”, I can upload csv files

Yes, you have to turn on Code Interpreter, load the file on file panel (not the prompt clip) and indicate the file ID on prompt for assistant to read it.

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