Issue with Sending Messages on ChatGPT Plus Account on iPhone 7 Plus

I have been experiencing with my ChatGPT Plus account on my iPhone 7 Plus. When I access ChatGPT through Safari or Chrome, I can type a message, but when I click the send button, it remains greyed out, and the message is not sent.

This problem occurs only when I am logged into my paid ChatGPT Plus account. When I use the free version of ChatGPT without logging in, everything works fine.

Here are the steps I have already taken to try to resolve this issue:

Cleared the cache and cookies in both Safari and Chrome.
Disabled all extensions and plugins in Chrome.
Ensured that JavaScript is enabled in Safari.
Updated both Safari and Chrome to the latest versions.
Restarted my iPhone multiple times.
Checked my network settings and switched between Wi-Fi and mobile data.
Tried to access ChatGPT using different browser settings (normal and incognito modes).

Despite these efforts, the problem persists. This issue appears to be specific to my paid account, as I can use the free version without any problems. I am unable to use the ChatGPT app because it is incompatible with my iOS version.

Any ideas?

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I am also facing the same issue


I have the same issue, pretty annoying

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I have the same issue, very annoying

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It works on my PC but not on iphone7


Ditto. I pay for the service but can no longer use it on my iPhone 7 for some reason. Click the send button, it greys out and nothing happens.

Got an iPhone 7s and have the same issue.

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I’m now getting this error message instead of it being greyed out
"Unusual activity has been detected from your device. Try again later. (89c445e2fe2b6a68)

I’m also experiencing the same issue for around 2 weeks. It seems chatgpt not supporting OS 15.8.2 anymore

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I understand that OpenAI does not support iOS 15 for the app, but why are they blocking requests from browsers? I have tried Safari, Opera, Opera GX, DuckDuckGo, Chrome, Firefox, and Firefox Focus with many different configurations.

This makes ZERO sense. It’s ridiculous. Gemini works, Microsoft Copilot works, and other AIs work, but only ChatGPT doesn’t work. Why?

I’ll wait a couple of weeks, and if the problem persists, I will cancel my subscription since I will not change my phone.



Same issue here… disgusting way to make people upgrade


Absolutely agree with you.

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It’s totally doable but usually it’s more effort to support old browsers and they probably made the cut it doesn’t worth it for them. Google wouldn’t allow itself to not work on ANY device, but I guess OpenAI is less of company.

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Same here, it is working fine on my PC but on my 7plus safari and opera browser, it just grays out. Openai, kindly fix this issue

I’m facing the same issue on my iPhone 7 please what is the way forward @8933f9f30eef441e1da9 (openai)

Same issue. Has been happening since there 4o release.

This needs to be addressed & rectified. This service shouldn’t be gatekept in such a fashion.

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Same! Angry! Why the APP doesn’t support early iOS? And Apple doesn’t let early iPhones update to iOS 16, and OpenAI doesn’t let explorer send message. This is a perfect trap to force people to buy a new iPhone!

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I’m on iPhone XS and iOS 15.6 and I have this same problem. it’s really bummed me out.

I have the same problem, i don’t know what to doooo