Issue with ChatGPT App Installation on MacBook Pro M3

Hi everyone,

I’m having trouble with the installation of the ChatGPT app on my MacBook Pro M3. Every time I send a request in the app, I get an “invalid request” error message.

I received an invitation to install the ChatGPT app on my Mac, and I installed it successfully. Everything seemed to go well with the installation process. However, whenever I enter a question in the ChatGPT prompt, I always get an “invalid request” error.

I’ve tried reinstalling the app several times, but the issue persists.

I am having the same issue with Mac Mini M2 Pro

I am having the same issue with Macbook pro 16 M2 MAX

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I wanted to let you know that the issue is now resolved. Strangely enough, I tried using the ChatGPT app again this afternoon, and it’s working perfectly fine. I’ve had this problem since yesterday when I first installed it, but now it seems to have fixed itself without me doing anything special.