Issue with Chat on mobile and desktop

I’m getting these errors, on my Subscription account, can’t do anything, the issue occurs on both Desktop and my Android account.

Any suggestions???


And this:

Welcome to the community!

Oh yeah, it’s absolutely borked at the moment :tada:

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Same here. My login shortcut sends me to the basic ChatGPT page and I can’t do anything. I’m using CoPilot and Gemini instead.

Why does the online status say everything is fine?

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Perhaps ransomware or cyberattack? It’s been common the last few weeks.

Deny there’s an issue, don’t have to fix it.


what are you seeing? this is what I’m seeing:

Confirmed. Same error. Can’t log in to my account, it just gives me a basic page :frowning:

Yes you are right…this message wasn’t there 20m ago for me

Yeah it sometimes takes a while until they realize something’s up.

Wait a little on the page and the service will be normal.

Do I understand correctly, the problem still hasn’t been resolved?

It has been reported as resolved.

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I have error

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Im having problems as well. It is happening on both the browser version as well as on the Mac OS app. I get this error: While using the ChatGPT, the error message, “Upstream connect error or disconnect/reset before headers. Reset reason :remote connection failure, transport failure reason: delayed connect error: 111”

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Yeah, it seems down right now. Right in the middle of a big project!! I hope it is fixed soon smh!!

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Im in the same boat lol. Im embarrased at how much I rely on this right now lol.


Lol same here, without it* I would rather not do any work. :joy: :rofl: