Issue with Accessing Uploaded Files after a period of inactivity in ChatGPT


I’m encountering a persistent issue with ChatGPT regarding file access after a period of inactivity, and I’m seeking assistance to resolve it.

Problem Description:

  • I upload a zip file containing my project files to ChatGPT, and during the initial session, ChatGPT can successfully access and analyze the contents of this zip file.
  • However, if I return the next day, ChatGPT consistently fails to access any files within the same zip file. I receive an error message stating, “I apologize, but it seems that I’m still unable to access the content…”
  • Interestingly, when I start a new session and re-upload the same zip file, ChatGPT can access its contents without any issues.
  • This issue is particularly challenging as it disrupts the continuity of my work. I prefer to use the original session since it contains all the previous discussions and context, which I do not wish to repeat in a new session every day.

Attempted Solutions:

  • I’ve tried re-uploading the same zip file in the original session, but this does not resolve the issue.

I would greatly appreciate any help or guidance on how to fix this problem. The problem is crucial for the continuity and effectiveness of my work with ChatGPT.

Thank you.


I don’t know why this doesn’t have any replies. This is absolutely an issue, and perfectly described by the OP. This has been a recurring issue for months.
I cannot reliably create a GPT session that I can come back to regularly to explore the data (or even upload new data later). Once the session times out you just have to open a new chat session all together. No idea of it is related to ANY session or just the ones linked to the “Data Analyst” personality.

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Bumping as this issue has happened to me. Was happily extracting and updating contents of a zip file, a few hours later it refuses to do it on the same chat.

I am also seeing this issue on the Mac desktop application.
Really frustrating that I can’t have a long-running chat to collaborate with GPT-4o on a project without starting a new chat every day