Is Waitlist for ChatGPT starting

I have came across this link say Waitlist for ChatGPT. is that official?

and my 2nd Question is ChatGPT LinkedIn page is official?


I’ve not heard anything, so I would be very wary of clicking a link to a Google Doc Where did you find the link to the Google Doc?

I would exercise caution with anything that doesn’t look official.

There’s a lot of rogue “ChatGPT” apps on the app store and elsewhere…


Where did you find the link to the Google Doc?

I find it from a newsletter, from here is reference

Thanks. Once again, I think I am behind on my knowledge. (The OpenAI Discord and AI news in general moves so quickly! Especially when you’re in the workshop tinkering!)

I would still double-check the link (maybe get it from the official discord)… As I said, there’s a lot of things claiming to be ChatGPT that might not be, so be careful.

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And this looks like the official link from Brockman on Twitter…

Sorry to be so suspicious at first, but the internet is a scary place sometimes! :wink:

Thanks for sharing here…


Thanks for confirming, my twitter account is banned :joy:.

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