Beware Malicious Malware Disguised as "ChatGPT"

Some users mentioning downloading random ChatGPT Chrome extensions that look legit but turn out to be Malware… spread the word! Stick to the source at OpenAI or those of us following the rules with our tools…


@PaulBellow I think you should share the imposters you catalogued in the other post here.

The problem is that most of them claim the name ChatGPT, which makes it a no brainer of average internet citizen to just click on install.

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Yeah, i just hate to give them links… Best advice is to just stick to or an app that does NOT have ChatGPT in the name as that’s likely trademarked by this point?

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Even then installing any clients for ChatGPT makes no sense, given how the OG chatGPT is currently available for free on and has responsive design for both mobile and desktop.

Installation is futile, unless OpenAI announces their own installable version for ChatGPT.

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Imagine being aware of such a powerful tool and the best idea you have with it is to scam. :cry:

Thanks for the PSA