Is there a rough timeline of when Plugin's will be approved/disapproved?

Hey OpenAI folks and community,

So, we’re in the middle of the second round of plugin submissions, and from what I can tell, I don’t think any plugins have gotten the green light (or red light) just yet. If I’m off base, feel free to set me straight! I’m just wondering if there’s a rough idea of when we might hear back about whether our plugins made the cut or not.

I understand that you’re probably swamped with a ton of submissions and this whole thing is pretty new, but if you could give us even a ballpark estimate of when we’ll get some feedback, that’d be awesome. It’d really help us figure out our next steps and make any tweaks based on what you guys say.

Thanks a bunch for any info you can share!


Interested by the answer too :slight_smile:

I would like to say that as a developer, I have been applying for permission to develop plug-ins for about a month now, and I still haven’t received approval or rejection notification. Could you please give me a feedback? Even if you refuse to wait, you can let me know the progress. Thank you.

According to the docs, it looks like 2 weeks after the next batch’s deadline. The invite email I got mentioned that the next batch’s submission deadline is tomorrow (28th), so I guess up to 2 weeks from then.

You can expect to hear back about a plugin you submit for review 14 days after the deadline for the batch. We plan to review plugins on a rolling basis in the future.