Is the ChatGPT "Shared Links" manager broken for you too?

  • Go to ChatGPT settings → Data controls
  • Choose Shared links → Manage

See your shares.

  • The text under “Name” should be a link that launches.
  • The :left_speech_bubble: button next to trash goes to the ChatGPT conversation that was shared (but the full chat that may have continued.

Here’s the problem I’m seeing.

Pressing the link on the left just launches to a new ChatGPT conversation.
If the link is launched in a new browser, it goes to a ChatGPT login screen.

Broken link from “Shared Links”:

We have to go to the original chat, press the share button, and see "this conversation has been shared before to get a working link:

Problem: /e/ has been inserted into the URL.

(Also, this thing should tell you outright if your shares have been scanned and de-listed by some moderation done well after you shared. Moderation doesn’t like links that can make ChatGPT act different.)

Hover that shows the start of the conversation would be neat.