Is Sora for videos ready for use? How will you use it?

I’m reading many of smart comments from all of you, i’m feeling really awkward cause I’m too excited to create the dumbest things with Sora LOL

Hi Team at OpenAI,

can you hare some information about the waitlist and when I can signup? Can you share information about the pricing as well?

Blessings from PA,



+1 for waiting list :heart: can you share some information about the waiting list? I would like to use the model For my IT company based in Munich, I would like to create some fancy Music clips for my friends to try out the new capabilities of SORA


There is no waiting list, but we will make sure to update you all as soon as one becomes available. It might take a few months though, so we all need to have patience and temper our expectations. :hugs:


I spent my entire adult life developing the skills to do what this code can do. The disruptive effects on the film/media economy cannot be fathomed… Its a brave new world…

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The fear of the transition is likely more destructive than our human potential with it.

Im super excited to learn other use cases of sora.

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Absolutely crazy. The physics recognition on this bad boy is incredible. How OpenAI always jump so far ahead everyone else never ceases to amaze me.

Looking forward to the end of stock videos. Not too confident in seeing long videos yet… Maybe some mute animated ones.

I truly wonder how soon we’ll be able to be inside of a truly dynamically generated world. Matrix style. Generated on the fly


It would be absolutely incredible if ChatGPT was able to communicate not just by telling you, but by showing you.

Imagine showing it a picture of a lawnmower and telling it you don’t know how to start it.

Instead of just telling you via text, it could generate a video demonstration, possibly even with that specific model lawn mower. That was a poor example, but you can see where it goes.

There have been many times where I just desperately wished that it could show me what it was talking about.

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that is awesome. I would first generate some slider Background videos with it to replace the pictures. It’s hard to get good stock videos, and expensive to create the Videos that i would need for this… if openai can do that in this quality… shut up and take my money :-).

I don’t trust on Sora. Because currently Dall-E is not able generate realistic images. And they are saying Sora can create high quality realistic videos. That’s look unrealistic to me.

This will be what I’m trying out first with car parts. I wonder if this will be a ChatGPT feature or API only :thinking:. Insane if true.

And of course the psychedelic/ nightmare fuel stuff.

Regardless, I can see Tiktok shorts being dominated by this.


I am really excited for the technology!! I have so many cool ideas, but I also have so many questions.

  1. how is it super accurate? and why is it only restricted to 1 min videos?

  2. Is there a certain limit in how much you can put into 1 video before it starts to get absurd?

  3. Are these generated animations based off of real locations, and that is why it is able to project all of these videos with great quality?

Super excited about Sora! Cannot wait for a waitlist to try it.

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This is so exciting; I can’t wait to try this out. So many ideas are flowing already.

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Finally, i can make cocomelon-like videos to monetize YT

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If there was a dislike button I would press it :laughing:


Yeah, making money from AI-generated YouTube videos for kids is probably not something that aligns with OpenAI’s values :sweat_smile:


I’m so excited, been waiting to finish a complicated all greenscreen music video for 5 years and it might just finally happen with Sora :crossed_swords: can’t wait for a demo rollout :pray::heavy_heart_exclamation: also working on AI modeling agency and really needed animation capabilities to bring them to life


With this new AI, hopefully, there will be anime options so we can create our own shows.