Is API available to use? for like videos and stuff?

I want to use API to build projects around it. Is there any API available for it?
Here are some ideas:

  • scrape WikiHow and turn articles into step by step videos
  • 24/7 TV based on your favorite shows
  • interior design that shows entire rooms or houses
  • games, where cutscenes and endings can be generated on the fly based on past decisions
  • podcast visuals so hosts can open up multiple channels: YouTube, TikTok, etc
  • abstract visuals for clubs, events etc.
  • an app to turn your favorite books or stories into short films, cartoons or animations.
  • turn HackerN3ws into a CNN-like 24/7 news channel
  • workout app with AI-generated video exercises
  • giphy competitor: use Sora to generate short videos and transform to GIFs on the fly (infinite GIF generator)
  • take IKEA instructions and make them a step by step video !

Do you have any other ideas?


Search much? :sweat_smile: