Is it possible to refund my chatgpt plus

Does anyone know whether it is qualified to get a refund if I just subscribed and didn’t use any paid service of ChatGPT Plus. I didn’t know the 40 requests/3hr limit before subscribing and as I found it out, I decided to quit. I’ve tried to contact them via but nothing’s helping. The agent (if so) just keep saying I’m not eligible for a refund but when I ask why, even it is just seconds after their response, they never get back. Does anyone know the actual reason or other method to contact openai for support?

Thanks so much!

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The only way to request a refund is to follow the guidance on the help page, which you apparently already did.

These are the criteria for a refund:

What is the refund policy?

If you live in the EU, UK, or Turkey, you’re eligible for a refund if you cancel your subscription within 14 days of purchase. Please send us a message via our chat widget in the bottom right of your screen in our Help Center, select the “Billing” option and select “I need a refund”.

Hope this helps, somewhat.

Thanks! I guess this is to confirm that I cannot ask for a refund since I am in the US. They even have a option in the chat widget saying “Just subscribed to ChatGPT Plus and would like a refund” which gives me the illusion that I might actually get my money back.

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Sorry to hear that.
I will tag this topic as ‘feedback’ for ChatGPT. This can be more clear.

Actually I just got a reply from an agent saying that the rejection I got was due to some action in the API payment, leading the system to think I have already got a prior refund. Now they have corrected it and processed my refund.

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