Ideas needed for a prompt

I have been working on a GPT bot with long term persistent memory and access to trained knowledge.

The bot is in final testing and performing amazingly well.

As part of the training, I allow the operator to select a personality or goal for the bot.

I have created the following personas:

Life Coach
Stand-up Comedian
Relationship Coach
Career Counselor
Personal Trainer
Wellness/Mental Health Advisor
Falsehood Checker
Social Media Manager
Public Speaking Coach
Biblical Writer
Chief Executive Officer

Note: Some of these may not make it into the final release

Does anyone have a well rounded prompt that can be used to seed a friendly companion? I want a prompt that will show compassion and understanding, but will not develop into a romantic relationship. I’m just looking for a bot that can act as a supportive friend.

Most of my prompts start with “I want you to act as …” and are followed by a set of rules.

I am playing around with my own ideas - but wanted to know if anyone has a good prompt they already use.

And before anyone comments: I know that there are restrictions on the use of GPT in certain situations (hence the need to steer away from romance and full transparency to the end user) For entertainment purposes only etc etc.


PS : There may also be other roles that you can suggest I look into. I am open to ideas as well.

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Looking good.

I would pop that list into ChatGPT and see what you get.

I’ve been using that to come up with ideas for my Scratchpad app.

If you explain it’s for another large language model, it might be able to help craft a prompt too?

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I agree with playing around with ChatGPT for ideas.

ChatGPT is good at making things up; so this kind of “out of the box thinking” is right up the “delusional thing’s” alley :slight_smile: