How to build chatbot that reflect persona well through user interview?

I want to make a chatbot which reflect’s user’s character and persona
which first obtains user data from interviews with users
I know some sites like

  • chub ai
  • character ai
  • Risu
    however, it is difficult to get some clues through this site since they don’t have interview process to get user’s question.
    Is there any advice or other website which offer this kind of services?

:rofl: :joy: :rofl: :joy: sorry man i dont think u understand how complex people are ur personality was formed over idk how meny years old u are throw trial and error to get to where u r humans are the literal start point of ChatGPT we have been able to simulate people who had died but thats do to giving it over say 10 years of information over a periode of say 14 year and then trial and error another 3 now a total of 17 years for a 10 year old mind u see what im saying its alot to make people u cant just make a mirror of people like snap takes time and alot of work and have to have it record all the data and accout for variables

now if u want a better personality u know for a pro tip i like to make characters to help do tasks so u know u can assign personality traits and assign them to a character save the data and keep updating

pro tips “integration of the data with assimilation” commands to combined the data

I understand that hard to obtain personality through few prompts however some people make great and meaningful chatbot with only prompting when you see pages like . So I want to see such starting point where I can see some good example.

ok for example if u go to the site right and look at toph at this location " characterToph" u can see all the things that are used to hone or better put to perfect the desired outcome by trial and error with a character simulation then roleplay as character

so what u will want to do to achieve this is to tell ChatGPT to make u a character that is blank make a new prompt that is designed to describe a character based on the information found say here for example " [Fanimation])" to create a personality or use the on this person wonted if u read it clearly someone with a perverted mind mad toph to do a simple thing as to tell ChatGPT to make a simple description of a character in the parameters u want and u can’t tell it to store the information as a note just ask chatgpt to save that information

pro tip “when u start a new chat it makes a new ai every time so ur starting form ground 0 to build up”

for exsample