I want to know if ChatGPT Enterprise has a connection with API or just the ChatGPT Product?

I just want to ask, Is ChatGPT Enterprise also helps with the data privacy using the OpenAI API? Would it help us in the organization to protect the data within our own organization only?

Yes, enterprise comes with free API credits.

If you’re looking to tailor ChatGPT to your organization, you can use our new shared chat templates to collaborate and build common workflows. If you need to extend OpenAI into a fully custom solution for your org, our pricing includes free credits to use our API as well.
Introducing ChatGPT Enterprise

How much API credits does a ChatGPT Enterprise provides to my api account?

“Customer will receive $417 in credits toward Customer’s use of the API during each calendar month. API Credits apply during the initial 12 months of the Term and will be prorated for partial calendar months. API Credits are not transferable, redeemable, refundable, or exchangeable for any sum of money or monetary value, and have no equivalent value in fiat currency. Unused API Credits expire at the end of the month in which they were granted or at the end of the Term, whichever occurs first.”


@kedume this sounds really helpful. Can you add a source to your comment?

Yes, a source would be helpful, because if thats true, our org will upgrade to ChatGPT Enterprise

It is not possible for me to provide a link. I am sorry. It is information provided by a customer who is going to contract the service. I guess if you contact OpenAI they will provide you with the information as well.

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API credits are included with Enterprise, but the amount will be something to discus with your account manager, at the moment the sales team is looking at applicants with 150+ seats. You can contact them on sales@openai.com