Is AI Virtual Reality (AIVR) and research possible?


  1. Is it possible for someone to order, e.g. in a for-profit company a 10-minute video, with content (of a professional or educational or recreational or therapeutic, etc content.) that he will determine, so that after the online receipt of the video, with a pair of VR glasses and headphones (with or without interaction) to can he immerse himself in virtual three-dimensional worlds with the size 3D image in real scale of everyday life?
    We know that this is easily achieved if instead of one image we send to each eye the corresponding image that it would receive in relation to its own observation angle, i.e. two slightly different images (sterescopy-stereoscope). Could this also happen collectively in a cinema or training room, so that there is the joy of collective participation?
  2. Is it possible with the help of AI videos of a few minutes to make interactive personalized lessons in various languages to combat illiteracy and also for professional training? Eg personalized machine and vehicle handling training;
  3. Is it possible for an ASI after 10 or 20 years to solve unsolved problems e.g. in medicine, physics, mathematics, chemistry, biology, sociology, psychology, politics but also in humanities and arts that today are impossible to find solutions; Eg unsolved problems of mathematics, superstring theory, cancer and other incurable diseases, thermopyric fusion, etc.?
  4. Could AGI after 10 to 20 years with a fleet of robots transform the deserts into giant photovoltaic parks offering a solution to the global energy problem?
  5. Could an ASI by checking too much data answer the multitude of intelligent beings in our universe?
  6. etc, etc, etc ?