Is a notification provided when someone is removed from the GPT-4 API waitlist?

Are there any individuals here who have received sad notifications from OpenAI stating that they were unsuccessful in gaining access to GPT-4’s API waitlist or were removed from the waitlist? I’m curious if they provide proper notification in case of rejection.

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From what I have read, it is the intention of OpenAI to provide all developers with API access, so it would be very unlikely that anyone would be refused access, the only way I can think that would happen is if the user broke the Terms of service in some way.

The only reason everyone does not have access right now is physical GPU compute resources, they are limited and therefore, so are the available slots.


Regardless of the cause, I’m curious whether there is a notification when access is denied. If there is a definite notification in such cases, I can happily wait knowing that I haven’t received that sad letter yet.

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If you have not received communication from OpenAI explicitly informing you that your account has been suspended or removed or that API access has not been granted, then you are still on the waiting list :smiley: