Invitation to participate in book publishing experiment using GPT Teams

tldr: I’m not sure of the details because no one has done this yet. But here is what I have in mind.

  • A relentless focus on quality. The only way AI for book publishing will ever be valuable to anyone is if it produces extremely high quality work. Hackwork is a waste of everyone’s time.
  • Collaborative development of prompts & editing tools.
  • High use of automation, part-time effort on our part.
  • Massively parallel production and evaluation of drafts.
  • Use of APIs to call other resources.
  • Book or books to be published this fall. (I own a publishing company,
  • Reproducible, scalable method for producing those books.
  • Agentic interface to the books using Custom GPTs.

If this gives you ideas or gets you excited wondering if something you are doing can fit into it, write me!