Call for Participants: AI for Book-Lovers Month, October 2022


I’ve decided to run an AI for Book-Lovers Month in October 2022, to correspond with the US National Book Month. The structure will be 31 Days of AI for Book-Lovers and hashtagged items will be shared to all social every day and put on a central repository. The scope will be anything specifically related to books, book reading, book writing, and book publishing. So general-purpose writing tools are out, but anything that is specifically connected to books is in – for example, @daveshapautomator’s cool work would be within scope, and so would the OpenAI project on summarizing books. Tools that are useful for multiple types of longform content, such as books, scripts, and plays, will also be in scope, as long as the book connection is clear not latent. Speechki will be providing voice narration for the social posts & home page. And I am hoping to get lots of others involved! pm me or hit me via email at wfz at nimblebooks doht com if you have a relevant project.