OSGPT: Elevate Your Computing Experience with Interactive File content search and Command Line Capabilities

Hello OpenAI Community!

I’m excited to share a project I’ve been working on -the OSGPT

OSGPT (Operating System GPT) is a plugin to enhance your interaction with your computer’s operating system. By seamlessly merging advanced file content discovery, dynamic folder access, and interactive chat CLI capabilities, OSGPT aims to make file management and command-line tasks not just easier, but genuinely interactive and engaging. Whether you’re on Linux, Unix, or Windows, OSGPT provides a unified experience that elevates your computing to the next level.

Key Features:

:one: Chat-Driven File Management

  • Have a chat with your OS and find content from your files or information effortlessly.
  • Auto-loading of documents from specified folders into a searchable vector database.

:two: Unparalleled CLI Capabilities

  • Full control: Execute any CLI command directly from the chat interface.
  • Multi-tasking: Handle multiple commands simultaneously with asynchronous execution.
  • Flexibility: Configure the working directory for tailored command execution.

:three: Enhanced Chat Interface

  • Combines the power of ChatGPT-4 and CLI to offer a seamless, interactive experience.

Moreover, I’m eagerly awaiting the release of the GPT Vision API to integrate image analysis into OSGPT. We’re also the looking to add the advanced data analytics features, especially for Excel and CSV files.

Your feedback and suggestions for improvement are highly appreciated. Let’s make OSGPT even better together!"


Nice! Wish I had more time to check out all these cool tools.

Thanks for dropping by to let us know. Hope you stick around!

I love the direct in console chat bots. They are so useful and without UI they run better.