Introducing ChatGPT ShellMaster: Harness the Power of Command-line from Chat

Hello OpenAI Community,

I am thrilled to announce a game-changing plugin for OpenAI’s ChatGPT 4: ChatGPT ShellMaster. This cross-platform (unix/linux) plugin brings the potency of command-line interactions directly into the chat environment. With this tool, you can run scripts, manage or create files, and monitor processes straight from your chat interface.

The terminal, though an incredibly powerful tool for any developer, can be challenging and daunting, particularly for those new to it. ChatGPT ShellMaster aims to alleviate these challenges by bringing the terminal’s capabilities to the more familiar and intuitive chat environment. Tasks such as debugging and file analysis become more interactive and engaging.

With ChatGPT ShellMaster, you can:

  • Execute any Linux/Unix command directly from the ChatGPT interface

  • Handle multiple commands simultaneously due to asynchronous execution

  • Fetch and analyze files interactively from your chat

  • Configure the working directory for command execution

Remember, as with all powerful tools, this should be used responsibly considering the security implications. Access to a developer account and ChatGPT Plus is required to use this plugin.

Want to try out ChatGPT ShellMaster? Visit github@volkansah/ChatGPT-ShellMaster for full documentation, installation, and usage instructions.

Happy coding!

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Thats pretty impressive especially since all I hear about PowerShell is that there is no one person that knows how all of its features work. But with gpt that would be sweet, unfortunately I am a windows user

Developing free tools requires both time and resources. I initially created ChatGPT ShellMaster for Unix/Linux because it’s free and open, unlike Windows and Apple systems. I’m a solo developer with no team backing me up, so I focus on creating tools that I need and make them available for the public.

Yes, I am working on a simplified Windows version. However, it’s crucial to understand that CLI is not the same as CMD. CLI is powerful, while CMD is rather limited and can be compared to kindergarten. I am not particularly fond of creating software solely for corporate environments; I aim to create for freedom and accessibility.

I will be working on a Windows version, but please understand that I might not be able to provide full maintenance or support for it due to resource constraints. I appreciate your understanding and support.

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Oh I understand, I was apologizing for being a windows user since it is the os that has more support for video games. And i will never use apple. Plus I would never ask a creator to compromise their grindset

if you’re interested in learning, I would definitely recommend getting started with an Ubuntu machine. Linux systems, such as Ubuntu, are widely used around the world, particularly in server environments, so familiarity with them can be highly valuable.

This plugin can indeed serve as a helpful learning tool. As you interact with the system via the plugin, you’ll get a feel for how Linux commands work, which can be a great way to learn.

Please remember to start with a test server or a local machine, where making mistakes won’t have significant consequences. There are numerous resources online, such as tutorials and forums, that can help you get started with Linux. The community around open-source projects like Linux is usually very supportive and can be a great source of knowledge.

As you become more comfortable, you can start working on real projects and apply your learning in a practical manner. Always remember, the key to learning is consistency and practice. Best of luck on your learning journey!

I was actually interested in debian, I know it has some issues, but if it does what I think might make it possible, i might be able to easily port all my windows games to a linux style pc, it hasn’t happened yet, but it’s showing promise

Debian is same like Ubuntu, Ubuntu normaly is Debain :wink: Start with Ubuntu! Its more easy for you! After a while you will understand Debian!

Look on my Github in Server Area! You will find cool tricks!

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Until I can play windows supported games on a linux system or the industry changes and add more support for linux, I am chained to windows

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Steam works perfect on Ubuntu, too! On Debian its more hard!

Yeah but your options for compatible games is cut drastically. So I just realized there is a limit for beginner comments so that is why I

Name calling? Im not sure what your talking about. Can you elaborate?

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