Introduce yourself! 😊

Hi, my name is Denis. I’ve spent my life implementing AI. I wrote the first monograph on Transformers. It led to Transformers for Natural Language Processing, 2nd Edition.
Transformers are a game-changer and in top of that they’re fun to explore!

I develop AI every day and also compose music to keep my creativity flowing.

GPT-4 API is a great tool to implement!


Nice to meet you all at the wonderful frontier. Currently, I’m still developing or learning ai chatbot, but based on these experiences, I will continue to develop and optimize customer service systems that work in various fields using video and three-d holograms. Let’s make the world a wonderful place. From Japan


Hey everyone! I’m Liam or @lrc42 :wave: I’m still pretty new to the API but I’m learning a ton!

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Welcome to the forum.

If this helps, there is a Japanese version of Transformers for NLP :

Then if you go to my GitHub Repository(Denis2054) you will find many recent open source examples in the BONUS directory.

From Paris


Hi everyone!

My name is Binjam and I am a Senior SEO Manager from Germany.

Since 2021, I have been focusing on developing AI solutions with different GPT models.

Here on the OpenAI forum, I’m looking forward to sharing my knowledge and experience with you guys and learning from your great ideas.

By the way, this introduction text was also created with GPT-4. Pretty cool, isn’t it? Let’s shape the future of AI technology together! :grinning:


Hey everyone!

My name is Joseph and I’m a freelance developer, and DevRel engineer at Appsmith. ChatGPT has helped me a ton already, but I feel like I’m just cracking the surface of what it can do. Looking forward to learning more from the community!

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Hi there, My name is Abidrahman and I’m new to the AI world and I’m very excited of what AI robot like ChatGPT can bring to the world. I just want to be with the new revolutionizing wave of AI technology and learn may way of using them efficiently and safely.


Hello everyone! My name is Zack, and I am a University student studying computer science. I’m super excited to use GPT-4 in some personal projects I’ve been working on recently. I’m also interested in exploring GPT-4 in conjunction with Microsoft’s Semantic Kernel open source project that was recently released in order to bring natural language integrations to software development :slight_smile:

I’m excited to learn from all of the talented individuals on this forum :+1:

Would love to connect on linkedIn!


Hi, I am Andrew, and I am highly intrigued by OpenAI and, as well, are so happy to utilize its API.

Happy to be here!


Hi there!
My name’s John and I live in the UK. I’ve worked in education all my life at home and abroad, and am passionately in favour of the changes to education I think this technology will inevitably lead to.
I’ve been fascinated by computer technology ever since a maths master at school took us to the local town hall in 1968 (yes, 1968 - I’m dead old but not yet quite dead) where we coded in Fortran on green hand-written sheets, typed our own cards on a punch-card machine, left them to be run by the technicians on a computer with real whirring tape-decks and hard drives the size of wedding-cakes. Usually we went back after a week to find we’d made a syntax error on card #2 so there was no output. The rest, as they say, is history.
I’ve just successfully written a Python3 program to use Whisper to download and transcribe 304 episodes of my philosophy blog Unmaking Sense that’s free on Spotify and most other platforms if you’re interested. The whole of Series 8 (currently 66 episodes) is about AI and especially chatGPT and its successors. I hope I haven’t misled anyone too much and that it’s OK to mention it because it’s not commercial.
(The only funny thing about the transcriptions is that for some reason best known to itself Whisper made a half-decent attempt to translate one transcription as well as transcribe it - into Welsh! :slight_smile: :rofl:
[Sorry - too much information!]


Hello my name is Gaetano, and I live in Italy. I am a computer scientist, although I work in the financial sector.I am opening a new company in the IT sector, developing web apps, websites, and helping companies digitize. OpenAi and the related artificial intelligence models produced (davinci,gpt 3.5 turbo,gpt 4, and all the others) are certainly very interesting and it remains very fascinating to be able to develop applications that are able to use this extraordinary intelligence in the service of humanity!


welcome to you @Ryuta , good luck for your project.

welcome to you @goldstellar , good luck for your project.


developer here. On my way to build a tool that creates Novels and other types of books with gpt3.5-turbo by dynamically extending a timeline of the book with some base informations it’s basically possible to let it write a novel on it’s own (at least until I get access to the 32k model, then I might change the process).

Pretty exited to launch this month.

:face_with_peeking_eye: Hello, I am a student who lacks relevant technical skills and knowledge. However, I am currently facing employment issues, and I am looking for an interesting project to explore that can generate revenue and provide a learning opportunity for my work internship assignment.

Hello, my name is Dmitrijus.
I am attorney, and much interested in AI, its implementation in legal domain.
GPTification: Large language models like chatGPT will have a devastating effect on legal domain.
In a short time, I hope, we’ll see humongous number of startups disrupting legal services. To the very ground.