Codex powered vscode autocomplete built using codex

The first thing I did with codex was build a vscode extension for calling codex. It worked really well. Published for those with codex access here, but it can work with other engines as well (beware token cost).


Awesome Codex productivity effects showing already! :+1:


Unfortunately taking it down. I asked them if this would require going through the “Going live” approval process, and they originally said no, but changed their minds this morning.

I don’t have the time or desire for all the red tape, sorry.


To be honest, I’m a little bitter because there seem to be many similar open-source projects shared on here that aren’t codex specific. I wonder if they had to go through “Go Live” process as well.

something smells.

Perhaps @bram can chime in on whether this sort of thing requires going through the “Go live” process.

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Hi Kin,

If your users are using their own API key with your extension, then it’s more of a community library than a production app. Were you planning on launching it to people without API Keys?


@bram Thanks for the reply. I assumed as much, and tried to clarify that with the sidebar, but was asked to take it down.

I already published it, and took it down at their request.

It obviously had some bugs as it was really barebones, but it was interesting proof of concept of something built by the combination of codex, and an experienced developer solving a completely novel problem to them. Very little documentation or sample code was googled.


dm me and ill try and get you sorted if i can help!


Would like to try this as a community member with my own key so hopefully you can publish.

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I’m still waiting to hear back, but I plan on republishing when I get the go-ahead.


Hi, the GitHub link get 404 error

Still haven’t gotten the go ahead to release it unfortunately.