I'm looking to call ChatGPT with plugins via API calls. Is this possible?

I’m looking to call ChatGPT with plugins via API calls, e.g. like how we can select the model via the OpenAI API, it would great to be able to select plugins used as well. Is this possible? Or maybe there is a 3rd party solution?

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Dont think thats possible.
ChatGPT is just an example app using API calls to the models

In theory you could build your own chatGPT app and make some implementation similar to the plugins using the API models (however its a question whether Plugins models are just using normal gpt3.5-turbo / gpt-4 or its some custom model thats not available on API)

You could deploy a browser extension that is synched up to your backend instance, and you could use an embedding database or even just some basic in memory data store of some information you want to “push” to the CharGPT on the other end. Just send it to the correct user’s browser extension instead and you can have it inject into the input field of chat.OpenAI.com and send automatically. Less intrusively would be a little notification the user can click to drag the updated prompt you pushed it into the chat box and have the decision to send it or not.

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