Research in education - help needed

Hi, I am a teacher of computer games development in the UK. Last year I conducted a research project into the benefits of using chatGPT in lesson planning and lesson materials preparation. What I am hoping to do this year is conduct research into the use of chatGPT by learners in assisting their learning. I want to create a number of subject specialist GPT’s for their use. But, because this will require access to GPT-4 the cost of multiple accounts would be prohibitive.

So, I am reaching out in the hope that this post is read by OpenAI employees and that we could discuss options.

Yours hopefully
David McNorton

That sounds like an interesting project!

Have you published these results anywhere?

this forum is mainly intended as a space for developers who want to help each other build stuff with the OpenAI API. Employees are rarely here and will most likely not see your post, but you’ll never know… you could get lucky :slight_smile:

Thanks N2U. It’s only been published within my college so far but I am hoping to write a full paper for publication before the summer.

The problem we have as a publicly funded college is always funding. I also have the problem of a management that is well behind the curve when it comes to AI so it’s a tough job convincing them of the value of investing. But, I’ll keep beavering away :slight_smile:

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Your situation is unfortunately not unique my friend, I have seen many academic institutions struggle with this, including the one I’m affiliated with.

If you want a tip from me, your best card in this discussion is the students who grew up without access to AI, they’re a very unique and finite resource, and there won’t be anyone left in 2-5 years.

These students are uniquely positioned to help your institution explore how the use of AI can improve on traditional education, without them you’ll spend the next 15 years playing catch-up with other institutions. The management needs to ride the AI wave instead of being swallowed by it :wink:

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