Inquiry on the Availability of GPT-4 Chat API for Purchase

I’m writing to inquire about the potential availability of the GPT-4 Chat API. As an avid user and proponent of AI technology, I have been keenly following the developments and advancements that have been made with the GPT series, particularly with the GPT-4 model.

Understanding the immense potential and the myriad of applications it holds, I’m interested in exploring the possibilities of integrating this technology into my own work. For this, I would greatly appreciate if you could provide information regarding the availability of the GPT-4 Chat API, even if this means purchasing it.

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If you haven’t already, join the waitlist. Goodluck! GPT-3.5 api is available while you wait :slight_smile:


Thank you very much. I’ll do that! Are there some news about an increase in GPT 4’s number of questions?

I’ve been on the GPT4 API waitlist for 2 + months now :frowning: need it as 3.5 simply isn’t good enough to fulfil the complex language requests (its a medical app) I haven’t done an eval, would that help at all? any other tips to get access to the API?

With reference to the phrase, “even if this means purchasing it,” I would like to clarify that access to the GPT-4 API is not offered free of charge. Upon receiving approval from the waitlist, there still remains an associated cost linked to the quantity of requests you make, just like the existing model for the GPT-3.5 API.

Indeed, like many others, I too yearn for an option to expedite our way through the waitlist. This could perhaps be achieved either by opting for high-cost queries which would grant immediate access, or by paying a one-time “entrance fee” to bypass the queue. It’s certainly an appealing thought to swiftly gain entry into the dynamic world of GPT-4 without having to prolong our wait. :slight_smile:

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