Stuck on GPT-4 waitlist. How about bidding on requests or something?

I know I’m being impatient, but I’ve been on the GPT-4 waitlist for the API for over a month and would really like to try it out for playing with smol-developer and gpt-engineer. Got me to thinking about pricing and the “if you have too much demand for your service, you need to increase the price” sort of advice. I, personally, would be willing to pay ~10x the current prices just to be able to use it. That whole bitcoin thing where you submit your request along with a fee to process it is honestly sounding pretty good right about now. :slight_smile:

But then, maybe the $20/mo people are paying for Chat GPT-4 is what is causing too much load on the API GPT-4? I know that the rate limits in Chat GPT-4 dropped pretty steadily after I initially got it.

Any updates on this and the current situation :question: :thinking:

I waited about 1 week for access about 1 month ago.

GPT-4 is available on the API now so long as you top up with $5 of credit to your account.

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