Inquiry about Balance API and Future Availability

Hello OpenAI Community,

I’m facing an issue regarding the activation of my API keys for the OpenAI Balance API. Currently, the API is disabled, but I’m eager to understand the process of enabling my keys once the API becomes operational again.

If anyone has insights or information on how to go about this, I’d greatly appreciate your guidance. I’ll be keeping an eye on the community for updates about the API’s reactivation.

Thank you for your help!

What site/app are you looking at? That screenshot doesn’t look like OpenAI.

The official OpenAI API site with usage reports and API key management is

This was a website. Now my API key is not working. What should do for that. Can kindly anyone help me to overcome from this.

What website was it?

For the OpenAI API: You can generate new API keys here. You can view your payment plan here and provide a payment method here. You can review your usage here.

It was a SaaS website, Content creation website. I added Credit card, last month API was working well after last week API is not working.

You should probably reach out to that site then and ask for support.

If you went to all the links in my last post and didn’t see any errors or warnings, then there’s nothing you’ve shared so far to indicate it is an OpenAI issue. You can try creating a new API key and changing it at that site.

The message about the “balance API” would not affect your API key from working or not. That is only for a very specific part of the API that was never public.

The undocumented and reverse-engineered methods of accessing account usage API as used by the OpenAI web site has had the verification method by API key disabled for a while. Now only session authentication from being within a logged-in web account request will work, for the original purpose of showing usage by the provided user interface.

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