InfraNodus: visualize ChatGPT chats, high-level ideas, and gaps within

Dear community!

I developed an app — InfraNodus — that can visualize your ChatGPT conversation as a text network, showing you the main topics and the relations between them.

You can use the graph to discover the gaps and high-level ideas in your conversation in order to develop it in a more interesting direction. You can also use it to trace the topics of your conversation as it evolves.

You can also feed parts of your conversation to GPT-4 to make ChatGPT responses less generic and to make it talk to itself.

It’s great for research and self-reflection, but also for playing around.

Will appreciate your feedback!

Very interesting! I found Infranodus several months ago but still have to try it, now it is a great opportunity to see integration in chatGPT! Can you share a link to reach your app? Do we have to wait for the GPTs store by OpenAI to browse all apps in similar way it was for plugins?