Improve onboarding flow when installing new plugins

Hey OpenAI team, just wanted to share a little feature request for plugins.

As a plugin developer, plugins have been a great way to onboard new users to our product but one of the problems we’re running into is that besides the plugin description, there’s really no good way to let users know what they can do with the plugin. I know there’s more we can do on our side through tutorials, blog posts, etc but that’s all on our website. If a user comes across our product for the first time and only interacts with it via ChatGPT, it’s harder to let them know what exactly they can do and how to use the plugin.

The feature request to improve this problem would be to allow plugin developers to add some sort of initial onboarding message or something similar. For example, it could be a field in the ai-plugin.json file called “examples” or “use cases” and it could just be plain text that could be shown to the user on first install or in the store/plugin dropdown. Alternatively, it could be a “welcome message” field that ChatGPT could use when a user selects the plugin in ChatGPT that the assistant sends giving them some more information about how they can use the selected plugins.

Just some ideas but wanted to share in case helpful.



I guess what you could do is add a path in your openapi file with a description of “Get started” which, when called, returns a truncated/simplified version of the openapi.yaml, or perhaps a readme txt file you maintain separately.

I’ve just tried this out and ChatGPT successfully got the yaml and described it in layman’s terms.

You can then add to your plugin description “Say ‘Get started’ to find out more about what XXXX can do”.

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