Teach plugin how to process the 3p json response

Hello Community,
ChatGPT Plugin noob here, setting up my first plugin. Spotted several issues, and seeking expert advise now.

Project idea: I have a third-party json api with some stock information. I want my plugin to read the api response, and reason on what stocks are good to invest in, based on the information provided. We do not want plugin to consider any other stocks which are not in the api.

I followed the plugin examples shared in the docs, and faced the following challenges.

I would greatly appreciate your advice on the following:

1/ Where in the plugin config can I tell plugin to always add some information to the response? For example, I want to add to each response “Get the latest stock details at mytradingwebsitedotcom”.

2/ How can I tell the model to not hallucinate by suggesting some stocks that are not in my api? For example, when I ask “Suggest me some low-volatility stocks” now, it returns a stock which is not part of the json content, which is not the desired behaviour.

3/ Where in the plugin settings is the best place for developer to explain to GPT what we actually want to do with the input and output? Where is the fields I should use to “fine-tune” the plugin to explain him on how to behave?

Here is what I already tried with no success:
a/ Specify how to respond and what to add to the responses in the "description_for_model" field of ai-plugin.json.
b/ Add specific instructions on how the api json response shall be processes and what message should be added at the end of the api json response itself.
c/ Add specific instructions to the "description" field of the openapi.yaml for each endpoint.

Any feedback is welcomed!

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