Implement end-point for downloading invoices


I recently posted “Download invoices using REST API” a topic in API. I am in the process of automating my company’s accounting tasks. One of them is to download all invoices (via e-mail, or REST API) for the services that we use.

It appears that the REST API doesn’t expose any end-points for downloading these invoices. In addition, these invoices are also not sent as PDF-s by e-mail (like most companies do). So, none of these two options which are easy to automate would be a solution in my case and I would have to resort to things like:

  • Writing a Selenium script to automate this (not really a solution, because it will still probably require manual intervention)
  • Possibly trying to download the invoices using Stripe’s REST API (I have doubts that this will be possible, because these will probably not be visible to my Stripe account, which I still have not registered to begin with)

Would it be possible for you to consider

  • Exposing such an end-point for dowloading subscription invoices and/or
  • Send the invoices as PDF files by e-mail

Also, if I have overlooked this in your REST API’s documentation, could you please point me to it?

Looking forward to your reply,

Martin Todorov