Download invoices using REST API


I would like to find out if there is a way to download invoices for the OpenAI subscription using the REST API? ChatGPT claims it to be possible, but I can’t find such end-points mentioned in the REST API reference.

When doing this manually, I get redirected to Stripe where the invoice is available for downloading.

Any help woul be much appreciated!
Thanks in advance!


No, it’s not possible.

Don’t trust the model when it tells you about its capabilities or what you can do with the API, it doesn’t know.


Yeah, I had the same feeling.
So, why aren’t the invoices just being e-mails as PDF files like every other company does…? Having to log into the web interface and downloading them manually is such a pain in the behind…

I don’t know that’s how every company does it. I’m pretty sure I need to log into AWS to get my invoices, but maybe I just set something up that way in the before-times…

You could just set up a simple RPA bot for this.

Run it locally on your computer, get it to run at the end of the month, download the file and email it to yourself (or any other action that you want). :slight_smile:

Eg: TagUI

Actually, even AWS send out e-mails with the invoices attached to them. It’s really straight-forward to parse your e-mails and much easier than having to write a tool that logs into the website and tries to download the invoices, due to a lack of a proper REST API…

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