Images are rotated landscape composition when I ask for portrait images in portrait canvas

I am attempting to make a portrait composition portrait canvas image but I can never succeed in making it.

I have tried so many times with many creative prompting techniques, but the images I get are still rotated landscape composition placed inside portrait canvas.

Is this a non-solvable issue?

I used techniques previously hinted at in other topics that also detail that the DALL-E team is working on this, and got the same image style as you.

Went a new direction, instructing for a wide image, but with all the image contents rotated 90 degrees where UP = RIGHT, and got a different kind of unsatisfactory generation…

Not only has this now become a serious issue (I never had this until recently) it is now so bad that no matter what prompt I enter I simply cannot get the api to render images which are in portrait orientation.

This is a serious bug that has rendered this product unusable. Please developers address this issue. Orientation should be an input parameter on the same level as image size.