Addressing the Frequent Horizontal Orientation of Vertical Images in DALL-E 3

I am truly grateful for the release of the DALL-E 3 API. Since its launch, I have been conducting numerous experiments daily.

When generating images of size 1024x1792, I frequently encounter an issue where the output is a horizontal image rather than a vertical one. Is there a deliberate way to avoid this? I am curious if there is a method of prompt engineering or any specific instructions that could help. Alternatively, could this be an inherent issue stemming from the training phase of the model?

Attempts to direct the model with phrases like “vertical image” or “full-length vertical image” have not been very effective. Since this occurs quite often, I am eager to discover a solution.


We talked about this on Discord during the Alpha. They’re aware and working. I’m not sure what causes it exactly, but if you change the prompt slightly, you can sometimes find the trigger word. Another idea is to start a new thread once it happens once in a thread…

ETA: I’ve found “portrait” and “landscape” orientation helpful!


I tried it, but…
It seems that even the prompt “portrait, vertically, aspect 9:16” is not very effective in creating vertical images…


Another prompt attempt you might throw at the problem is “image rotated 90 degrees” with or without the API image dimensions shifted. If the AI “thinks” in landscape, let it make your picture sideways.

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Vertical images just don’t work with CoPilot Pro. This should be easy to solve. In Chat GPT you can create these now with no problem but not in CoPilot