Image generator DALl*E*2 question(s)

I have noticed that several of the Art pieces I have generated in DallE2 appear to already have a signature and or a signature stamp. I am confused at to why, and I am not comfortable using them because of this.

Can somebody please explain to me why the program has done this, or are they someone else’s or real images?

Dall-E puts little timecodes in the corner of the image, so they “could” backtrace it to when it was created. If I’m not mistaken it’s just the date encoded in colored blocks.
But so they could trace it without… It doesn’t really matter.
If you have a modern printer, it also prints out a serial code invisible to the eye in order to backtrace it if it should be needed.
Don’t worry, it’s normal.

or are they someone else’s or real images?

No, they are generated images at the time you hit the “Generate” button. It’s an unique creation, until you decide to share it.

it’s really quite unsettling to see them.

Ahhh these Watermarks!! I’ve thought you are referring to the colored blocks in the corner

Awesome creations btw!

The signatures you’re referring to are completely made up. They do not correspond to anyone specific. Dall-E hallucinates, just like ChatGPT. It feels like there “should” be a signature because most art pieces have one, so it just “does its thing”. Again, these are completely made up, don’t worry. You’ll see they’re never consistent.

Thank you for clarifying that! I was hoping that it was a watermark or something for the app. I just wish it didn’t look different for each picture, I find it unsettling.

A logical explanation for it is that signatures of work pieces probably slipped into training, so it tries to reproduce them where it feels like it. However, it garbles multiple signatures from what it learnt together. It can’t quite make one out.
To test this theory, you can probably make your art and ask it to put the signature of a famous person on it (you must be specific) and it’ll probably do it, regardless if the work is theirs.
AIs like Dall-E just throws stuff together, essntially.
If you wanna get rid of it, you can remove it with Photoshop or any similar software. It’s just an artifact.

Just out of curiosity, I tried searching one of them with Google Lens, and came back with zero maching results - as expected: