Does Dall-e-3 Append Watermarks?

I read an article : OpenAI is adding new watermarks to DALL-E 3 - The Verge

Wanted to know does Dall-E-3 append any watermark to the generated images?
I tried but I cannot see any watermarks added. Like visible on the image.

Is it optional or configurable by any particular field.

The article says the watermarks are in the metadata. But it doesn’t seem to be working reliably yet :thinking:

I’d consider dall-e generated face to be visual watermark enough :laughing:

It is a “watermark” – in that it is cryptographic steganography embedded in the image contents.

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Looks like the file I checked was too old

but it’s not steganography, just metadata.

for posterity, here’s a new one with the fingerprint:

Yep, looks like it. I can sanitize an image just with a “save to web” from older Photoshop.
More like a digital signature then. For the odd case where you have to prove to someone your image was made by OpenAI?

I was gonna say, the other way round would make more sense. But I approve people self-reporting AI generated content. Not the worst move.