I'm new user; what's the fastest way to have API access to GPT-4?

Dear all,

I’m a new API user with payment already set up. I can only access gpt-3. What’s the fastest way for me to access gpt-4 from API?

What I can think of: use gpt-3 many times to have a bill > $1, pay it, then wait. But the question is, can I pay the bill any time, or I have to wait till a bill date?

Thank you!

We plan to open up access to new developers by the end of this month, and then start raising rate-limits after that depending on compute availability.

Just be wait a bit longer at this point

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It’s not perfectly clear when or what triggers access to GPT-4, but based on other user reports you’ll need to wait at least one billing cycle.

Based on logic, the onboarding of new GPT-4 users, based on payment metrics, was a one-time billing data extraction and application of qualifying criteria to accounts.

Not an ongoing process that you can aspire to meet.

You can rack up your bills now for meeting other criteria (like future increases in hard limits above paltry $3.94 a day; or being recognized as a serious user for other such thresholds that may be used in the future), but don’t expect that, with the announced wide release of GPT-4 to all remaining API users within a short timeframe, it will accelerate your consideration for the model.