I'm Blocked, I don1t know why

I have been blocked when\i was trying to reenter in the website due to an break in my computer system. I would like to have the acess to chatgpt again.

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Cloudflare Ray ID: 7fe5903459831ccd

Yup this happened to me too as I was trying to access ChatGPT

Same here. Was using it halfway then it hang and when I refresh, my account was blocked.

Welp, I think its skynet. Its been nice knowing y’all ChatGPT users

Same here, my accnt has been blocked. I tried to chat them at https://help.openai.com/ but the support team will only reply in 1 week. but I need to use chatgpt now.

I tried using it on another device, but apparently ChatGPT was down and is currently being fixed. If you have a VPN perhaps you could give that a go

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Yeah just read the news too. Thanks for the update!