Being blocked from chatGPT but don't know why


Hi everyone, can somebody help me with it? I was using chatGPT days ago and everything was good, but when I try to enter chatGPT again yesterday and the page shows me this “sorry, you have been blocked” but I don’t know the reason or what did I do to being blocked. hope somebody can help me with this. thank you in advance!

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same happened today bro I don’t know what happened but I used chatgpt for 1 year I should be a valuable member

I barely use it, but when I went back to it today, it blocked me too. I saw something about a VPN online which I use for security purposes and used it without any issues. I temporarily disabled my VPN and that seemed to help.

I don’t get it. Every company uses a VPN (including Microsoft).

I am also being blocked and don’t know why. I don’t have vpn enabled on my iPhone. I reset my network settings, cleared browser history, tried Wi-Fi, and tried cellular connection. I learned a lot from ChatGPT but now it’s inaccessible for me. Bummer

I got the blocked message a few minutes ago. I thought it may have to do with my using Google DNS, but I switched off my VPN to try that first and the blocked message disappeared. Everything is fine again.

So, does support even read the threads? I don’t see a single reply.
Having the same issue with ungoogled chromium on linux.