I'm a manual writer. Can I use ChatGPT on the cover of my manual?

I can’t seem to find the IP page for OpenAI.

Some companies are stingy about their product name being used on manuals – e.g. like Microsoft. Even if it appears clear that the manual is not by the owners of ChatGPT themselves.

Can i use it in the title or subtitle of my book?

Here’s an example of another guy’s book https://www.amazon.com/dp/B0BW2ZKR3R

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I would check their site yourself, but I believe it’s against Terms of Service… There’s a lot of bad actors using the names/terms. Not that you are one of them, but that’s why they likely don’t allow anyone.

Names for books might be different? I would definitely reach out to support chat and ask before I moved ahead and did it, personally.

i dont know where to check though
i didnt see an IP page
e.g. here’s an example https://www.amazon.com/dp/B0BW2ZKR3R

I would definitely ask here…


It should be okay as a book title if you’re not pretending to be OpenAI, but I’d rather be safe than sorry if I were you.

I wouldn’t trust the output 100%, but you might have ChatGPT summarize the ToS, etc…

Good luck.