Icelandic Grammatically (Human-Like) improvements

I am a first timer here… but i would like to donate my time.

if it possible for me improve Icelandic ChatGPT answer’s to be more Human-like. I would happily volunteer to do so. If i am posting in wrong place i would appreciate a push to the correct way.

I gain from donating my time improved grammar in English and Icelandic (funny isnt it?)
And occupie my head from this awfull life…

ChatGPT helped me already how i can write my life story to help others going throughout hard times.

This would be Win Win. Specially since
Christmas is around the corner and i cant afford a gift for my daughter so i tought this could possibly help me take my mind of it. ( i cant work)

I am dealing with generalized anxiety disorder,social anxiety disorder, panic disorder.
Serious depression.

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