ChatGPT as a writing assistant

We are in the midst of writing a proofreading (and much more) plugin for Discourse:

One of the modules allows us to quickly proofread a post on Discourse.

I was experimenting a bit today with prompt engineering at:

A concept I had was to have a dial from 1 → 10, that indicates how pedantic and English teacher like the proof reading would be.

Early results are quite interesting. I love that we can use prompt engineering to ensure ChatGPT does not make any egregious mistakes (like editing quotes or messing up markdown)


Nice! @ruby_coder has dome some Discourse plugins in the past, I believe.


Hi @PaulBellow and thanks for the shoutout.

@sam.saffron and his team are top-shelf, big league software developers. I look forward to seeing what Sam and his creative team come up with, integrating generative AI into Discourse.!


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