I was invited to the Early Access for Plugin development, but my development partner has not received an invitation, so development is inconvenient

Currently, only I have Early Access privileges, and members of the same organization do not have Early Access privileges. Can you please make the early access privileges for development by organization? Or I would like to be able to set roles so that administrators can be granted privileges.

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As a user (not OpenAI employee) with moderator rights I do see the flags on this post and can take actions as needed.

However flagging a post to notify Logan is adding an unnecessary step that will result in me ignoring the flag.

If a user wants to notify Logan about this topic then just use a user notification,
e.g. @ logankilpatrick with the space removed.

Saves me time and speeds up the process.

Note: I did not notify Logan as I leave that option open for the OP or the user who flagged this topic and since I resolved the flag with ignore, the flag will not appear in the queue for Logan to see.


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Good to know. Will keep that in mind for the future.

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