I recharged the team version, indicating that the money was deducted, but it was not recharged

I am a Chinese student, 60 yuan is a lot for me, it is also very troublesome to recharge GPT, now I feel very uncomfortable

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未成功(AI hallucination)

The translation in English is:

  1. Authorization
  2. Not successful

The way US banking works is that first there is an immediate test to see that the payment is OK with the bank. “authorization”.

Then the same transaction is “processed” in a batch some time later to actually charge the account.

Different banking systems besides Visa or Mastercard may not properly handle this system. Either an authorization that is just a test is never automatically released back to the account, or the connection between the authorization and its charge processing is not seen.

I don’t think you were charged twice, there is just a banking error. In fact, the first one might come off automatically after a few days.

I used a virtual credit card. Can I get my money back?

We are fellow forum users. If you have billing concerns, you’d have to send a message with the help assistant icon at help.openai.com.

After clicking the correct options of your issue, write and explain your need for OpenAI billing staff in your first message so you don’t just get a robot reply.

Also note that if you are located in mainland China, that is a country not currently supported by OpenAI services.

I have a vpn that allows ChatGPT to support me