I received gpt4 invite, but the ref. org no. is not the same as I have

Hey guys, please could someone help me out here

I received this email
Skärmavbild 2023-04-30 kl. 12.07.15

However that org number is not the same as I see when i login to my openai account, the org number is different, and Im logged in to the account where i received this email. Going nuts…

Anyone that knows how I can fix this?

Might it be possible that you have more than 1 org?

I logged in all possible email accounts that I have to double check, none has the same org number…

On the API Keys, do any of your accounts have a drop-down to select Default Organization with multiple orgs listed?

i have a similar issue, but I only have personal. I can’t use gpt4 api after getting invite

It has a dropdown yes, but only with 1 listing, the one with mismatching org ID… start to go insane from all this, since 28th of april i have been building product after product that requieres GPT4, and I think always Im about to solve it some way, but now im loosing hope… support dont answer for shit…