I really wish the Playground would auto-save

Hi! I recently started using GPT-3 seriously and I’m very impressed.

One big problem though — I mainly use GPT-3 through the Playground, and it’s too easy to lose data. For example, if I’m using it on my phone, my browser tab could get unloaded, and if I’m using it on my laptop, I have to be very careful about closing my browser.

I find myself often copying my Playground contents into a Notion doc, just to guard against data loss, and it’s very annoying to have to do this constantly.

I really wish I could do something like this:

  • I visit Playground and start with a blank page. URL is /playground
  • I type some stuff and it auto-saves. URL is /playground?autoSaveId=rh23r91823d982he12e
  • Now, I can close my browser and come back to the same URL and start right where I left off.
  • I can still go to the base URL (/playground) if I want to start from scratch
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I am pretty sure the designers of the front end/ website for beta.openai meant the playground to be a side feature, not something with a high priority. However, based on a lot of discussion around here, it has become the software feature that everyone knows, loves and gives input on.

Well, that’s the life of a software developer for you, the features that you intend to just use as “playgrounds” end up being the ones in the spotlight!