Playground conversation history?

I refreshed my page, and the history displayed. Is the history stored anywhere? It seems pretty crazy to not have this saved anywhere. Even if I switched out of the Playground tab and check billings or something, I lose my conversation history.

I think there is a save button for some sections of it, but it’s meant as a testing tool and not as a replacement for ChatGPT.

It saves 30-days history by default. The history button is just beside the submit button.
2023-11-16 at 3.31 PM

If you want to save a prompt permanently, you could use the save button on the top right.

If you think the OpenAI playground not enough for you, feel free to try my product Knit, which is a more powerful playground with persisted history of all of your prompts and run history. It’s free to try :slight_smile:

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