OpenAI Playground should be open-source so we can add features

The OpenAI Playground should be open-source so we can add features. For instance, I’d like to add the ability to save logs of old prompts and completions locally. If the playground is open-source, anyone can help contribute.


Perhaps the solution is a proxy service - a new customizable frontend?


Good! That could be a solution.

Good option. Is the playground clone forbidden even if it keeps local?
A good idea that I bring is a customizable Playground structure. More advance. So someone (or the community) could add/create those features.

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Thanks for the explanation! It’s a good point to consider when developing a save-log pipeline structure.

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Adding features will need indepth understanding of how this is architectured. Say we think of a feature, a basic one, write a sentence and use celebrity voice to read it out then we would need to train the bot with voice data and followed by other features to deploy it. The API feature allow us to use the existing models into a app or website. To add a feature , GPT should be opened with a lab feature for these tests and then submit it for review for the feature to be added.